I met this beautiful 7 weeks old baby girl for her newborn photos last week. She was a perfect model to capture. I couldn’t believe she was still posing as if she was a two weeks old newborn. Older babies sometimes are a bit stronger amd less likely to curl, or pose like a young newborn. Like the froggy pose in the first image, as we call it. With mom’s help baby girl went along with the flow and slept right threw it. It was a pleasure creating these beautiful memories for your family.

Sleeping Newborn on purple blanket with hands on chin

Newborn photos are a timeless gift for you and your baby. If you’ve had your baby or is due soon, contact me so we can schedule and create beautiful images. They are only this little once. As a Nutley NJ Newborn photographer, creating art quality images is my goal at every session.

newborn photos of sleeping newborn on pink fur