Special mom & child bond session to capture the most precious moments we quickly forget. To be a mom is an amazing feeling that’s unexplainable. We love our child(ren) so much, that a lot of times, we are living our day-to-day lives around them. This doesn’t give us time to focus on us and photograph the moments with them. As a Sparta NJ children and family photographer, it is my passion to focus and capture what we love the most. The bond between mom and child is indescribable, so the special mommy and me session meant so much to me. Photographing this beautiful mom again and her adorable little girl since her newborn session, reminded me that what everyone sees in us mom, can be frozen for us to see through out the years. It was a perfect setting too, at Waterloo Village NJ. 
Special mom & child bond Sparta NJ Photography Sparta NJ Family Photography Sparta NJ Family Photography