Prince birthday photos and Super Hero theme was a hit for the adorable prince Ashton! He was a delight to photograph in my studio located in Mt. Olive NJ. The detail process of creating this amazing theme was so much fun. We worked hard to create exactly what Mom and Dad had dreamed of, for their baby boy. Being photographed on his birthday, and tasting the delicious cake mom ordered for him was an excitement. An amazing little boy, he is, and  totally remembered me, since photographing his newborn session last year. I received lots of hugs,and happy smiles from him. We ended the session with him taking a nice bubble bath, with lots of splash, which he loved. Adorable prince birthday photos, that I loved being a part of photographing!

prince Birthday photos

prince Birthday photos NJ


Ashton as the amazing Superman suits him perfectly! I thought he resembled the super hero a lot!  He can rescue us anytime. :)
This amazing backdrop came from Amazon superhero backdrop!


Super hero Birthday photos

How do you capture your little ones first birthday photography session? Let me help you create memorable photos, that will be timeless.