Newborn Twin In home photography session

I’ve been lucky to be the leading Morris County NJ newborn photographer! Being a twin newborn photographer is even more rewarding! Newborn twins are definitely not easy to photograph, but oh so beautiful and memorable for parents. These beauties were born 2 months early and spent a little time in the NICU, and came home healthy and strong a month later. They were tiny and almost two months old for their twin newborn photography session, and a dream to photograph. Their bond was strong and they did not like to be apart from each other. They also had a side they molded right in to, It is the same side as they shared in the womb. Look at how sweet they look together.

newborn twin girls hugging while sleeping

Tips for photographing Twin babies

Twin baby session can be a little challenging if you have no experience. The session will take a lot longer than when capturing a single baby and you need extra set of hands for help. I find it so important to send moms a prep guide, to help her get ready for the day of newborn session. some of the tips included is to have a soothe pacifier to help soothe babies. Keep your home and newborn warm and close to each other when photographing them. Hire a professional photographer that will be working with your new babies, and enjoy the amazing experience of newborn photography.

Silveira’s Touch Photography based out of Bud Lake NJ, photographing newborn babies since 2009. Your babies safety is the utmost importance to me. If you’re having a baby and looking for a professional newborn photographer, Reach out to me. I’m happy to help.