I am SO excited to announce lifestyle newborn photography sessions outdoors are in full affect and available now! During the past months Covid-19 struct us hard, pausing our lives, and ordering photographers to hold off on indoor newborn photography. But during this time, it has no control of all the beautiful new babies due to be born. Moms, I am feeling your sadness as you hold your newborn and wonder about what the future holds for them. This is not how you imagined the world would be for your new baby. Your plans for your photographer to document their tiny newborn features, their first weeks, the poses that you’ve come to love are no longer safe at this time. But know that this is temporary and not how the rest of their lives will be. Your babies are going to have the best life full of new adventures and excitement. This is a tiny moment of their life that will become part of history.

What is outdoor newborn portraits?

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Outdoor lifestyle newborn photography is a beautiful addition to newborn sessions, and have offered it for several years, before baby studio sessions was so popular. The outcome for this lifestyle session has always been amazing. It is safe for you and your baby during social distancing order, and perfect for documenting their tiny newborn phase. The session will last about 60 minutes, sometimes less depending on baby. The session is held outdoor at a local park or in your backyard.  It includes my artistic experience in styling and posing with your baby, while safely GUIDING YOU from a distance (with mask and gloves). Some props (sanitized for every session) are available for your newborn portraits, if you choose to use. Posing may vary depending upon each baby. The safety of your baby and family is always my top priority. From a distance, wrapping, posing and using props will be guided. What about the weather?  Lucky for us the warmer weather is upon us! YAY!  Knowing the weather is unpredictable for outdoor photos, I am always prepared to change the date or even time of session as an alternative. Now is the time to book your outdoor newborn portraits if your baby has arrived, or if you’re due soon.

As your baby will only be in the newborn stage for a short time, it is essential to hire someone to capture your baby who you trust and will provide gorgeous, timeless images. Newborns change so quickly! Allow me to document their delicate features you’ll want to always remember, but are so fleeting in those first few weeks.

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Please email silveirastouch@gmail.com for  details and to answer all your questions.