Newborn and sibling photos are a must for all families during the tiny phases of your new addition. Do you ever wonder how your older child will do at a photo shoot with your new baby? It is a big question for most parents expecting their second or third and never experienced a photography session. The best part of documenting your newborn is including the older siblings. They are made to be special and memorable so that as the children grows, the memory of their first bond together is captured.

Newborn and sibling photos are a must

Scheduling your newborn photography session early has so many advantages; as in preparing your older child for your new arrival as well as hyping them in being promoted to older sibling. At the same time, we plan for the looks and shots we will capture during the portrait session. Babies grow so fast, this moment is a must have for all families with babies.

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Plan for your newborn session early

The key to planning for your newborn session is familiarizing with the prep details given to you by your photographer. Siblings are a big part of the session when being included, but your newborn prepping is even more important. There are so many tricks to capturing your newborn and sibling photos, especially if your photographer have been doing this for many years. Your newborn has a different type of prepping; first they should be captured within the first 3 weeks. Feeding newborns about 30 minutes before session is required to keep them contact and full during the session. Everything else is provided so that you have a stress free experience.

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I know how important capturing your babies is for you. Our newborn photography sessions are always stress free, you deserve that. Contact us to inquire and find out about all the benefits in capturing your newborn portraits. Check out big sister’s newborn photo shoot that was taken two years before and see how much they resemble.