I get this question a lot! And many people don’t understand my answer. Here is my explanation for a better understanding. Photography is Art, I always loved Art! Art class was my favorite subject in school and I always tried to create the best masterpiece in class. (I wish my mom saved my work. ;))

Picasso, Monet, Rembrandt all of them were great artist and had that passion for their masterpiece. I feel the same way about my art as did they. I did not become a photographer because friends and family told me I took nice pictures; I did not become a photographer because I wanted to be in competition with who’s out there, or I can do better then them. I became a photographer because I wanted to create my own art. I wanted to be able to capture that still moment and hold it forever. I wanted vivid images to come out as I captured it. This is why I became a photographer an artist.

I had a few people, including friends that did not believe in me. Told me I didn’t have passion. But these people had no clue the burst of energy and love I felt inside for my art. This made my drive even stronger! (Thanks :P) My Momma’s word “Don’t ever let anyone knock your dreams, let your passion drive you” Gotta love your biggest supporter!

I received GREAT advice from others that I truly appreciate! One that sticks out in my head is “Learn the mechanics of it.” This struck me hard and I understood it so well. Once I learned the mechanics of it, my camera and I became best friends. We became artist! What does this mean to many who doesn’t understand and thinks that just snapping the camera is going to give you Art? It means learn your camera inside and out. The Auto button is not your best friend when you want to capture your art. If you have natural light, don’t use the flash on your subject.  Just because your friends are saying Ooohhh, Aahhh your pictures are amazing, doesn’t mean it really is. Learn to see if your image is really in focus to show to everyone. Learn to see the colors in your photo. I have made this mistake plenty of times, but learn to see if the image is too red, too orange, and too blue. Train your eyes! Without this lesson anyone can be a photographer!

And lastly, the reason I love photography the MOST and became one! I get to meet amazing people, each with a unique interesting story. Each beautiful in their own way! I get to capture their true essence in Art, an ever lasting moment that will forever be treasured.